First and Last of the Year

The year 2020 was indeed brought an unexpected twist to everyone way of living and routine activities.

For me, it affected my photography as well, as I was not able to freely roam as I used to, being locked up inside too afraid to venture out. Hence my camera remained trapped in my bag like I was at home.

However, before this year ends and another 365 day cycle starts, I have decide to bring out the camera and capture something to summarise 2020 from my point of view

‘Against all odds’


I was hired by Hennessy to shoot the VIPs and what captured my eye the most was the entire decor of Hennessy VIP section. The ever changing coloured lights which casted its vibrant colours on the white drapes, to the globe and lights that hung from the ceiling center which looked like the sun and stars as it lit up the night all left me in awe. I just had to give my props to This & That, the company which made Hennessy VIP section look amazing. I don’t think there is anyone that could of done it better.

You can also contact This & That on their facebook page to plan or decorate any event you may intend to host. As someone once said ‘They don’t believe in ballons’, so believe that they will exceed your expectations.

DVD Case Design

Usually when I photograph an event, clients usually ask me how do I deliver my final product. All edited photos are delivered to clients on a dvd with a printed image on the disc which is placed inside a case with a well designed cover. The reason why I burn images to disc instead of print is that clients like to choose which images they themselves would like printed and with a digital image they can make as many copies as they wish to print.
I have posted this picture to give future clients and idea as to what they are expected to receive