50th birthday Celebration

There is nothing like crossing that half a century mark and having your family throw you a party. Here this proud mother celebrated her birthday with a surprise party…well she knew about it before hand because everyone knows there is always that one person that could never keep quiet about it ‘mouth like a river constantly running’ and just have to blab it out to the birthday person. Anyways she could never been more happier to spend the moment with here family and close friends and me as always to capture those precious moments.

Halfway during during the party while shooting the portaits, I realize I wasn’t seeing the flash fire and pictures were coming out dark, only to turn around and see the reflector umbrella was closed and when I went to open it back, saw that the center rod was separated from the umbrella covering, as the saying goes ‘cheap thing ain’t good and good thing ain’t cheap’. Oh well nothing I could of done about that so simply just removed the umbrella and continued as if nothing happened